Written by Heeyoung Sohn, UX Designer at ERIKS Digital

Digital is more important than ever

As we enter the end of a pandemic year and working from home, one thing COVID-19 has taught us is the importance of embracing the digital world. Though the impact of the pandemic on businesses is not yet fully determined, a…

Your Content Management System may be headless, but it shouldn’t be brainless. A decoupled architecture takes care of both structure and delivery logic.

Written by Andreea Macoveiciuc, Content Strategist and Front end Developer at ERIKS Digital.

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Photo by Mika on Unsplash

Create once, publish everywhere: the dream of every (content) marketer.

Create once for the corporate website, rewrite to fit the design of the webshop, shorten and rephrase to fit the social…

Written by Muhammad Daud, Data Scientist at ERIKS Digital.

There is no better time than now to talk about data. Big data is changing the way we live our lives. Forget oil and gold, data is the new currency of our time. It has now become a strategic asset. …

By João Vilaça, Frontend Engineer at ERIKS Digital.
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Our goal was to turn a huge software platform framework built in 1996, with a huge monolithic codebase and millions of dependencies, decoupled from the frontend, and make it look like it’s 2019. …

By Shaheen Ahmed-Chowdhury, part-time Data Visualisation Specialist at ERIKS Digital and Mathematical Sciences student at Utrecht University.

A lot of companies have a lot of data. Data on customers, on orders, on website clicks, on employees, on finances, on invoices, on anything you could imagine. A common way of storing…

By Jeferson Fernando, DevOps Engineer at ERIKS Digital.
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When we talk about DevOps, we always think about tools and automation and do not give attention to the most important thing, the culture.

If we see DevOps only as a bunch of tools…

By Emma Essen, Growth Marketer ERIKS Digital

Ever since I updated my job role on LinkedIn to ‘Growth Hacker’ I have been getting a lot of questions. The main one being along the lines of “what the hell is growth hacking?!”To be honest, it’s not the easiest discipline to explain…

By Lee Freeman, Front End Engineer ERIKS Digital

You’re on the home straight. Your tests are green. Your code is splitting. Lighthouse/Pagespeed/other performance metrics love you. And then you get the call — it’s marketing. They have just a few scripts they want to add. Bundle-bloat isn’t the worst of it — custom events are needed.

So, after…

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